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Top 10 Creative Advertisement Banners

The hardest part for any business or service provider is to reach its target audience. To do this it needs to employ creative banners that convey the message to the intended recipient and is capable of converting the viewer of these creative banners to paying customers. This task is easier said than done. A lot of effort is put into advertisement banners design to ensure that it piques the interest of the customer. Many companies have tried and failed. We however, are not to dwell on the failures of others but on the successes of a few businesses who through relatively cheap advertising banners gained the attention of millions.



10. Ikea



In April 2012, Ikea put up one of the most creative banners of all time. The intent was clearly on showing that Ikea products are portable and a lot of Ikea products could enter a home. With that in mind they made one of the most amazing advertisement banners design, featuring over 2800 items.

9. Adobe


Adobe has set certain standards in advertisement that should be adopted. For one, they have strived to get themselves easily identified with certain features that distinguishes them in their advertisement banners design. Adobe’s logo, barring rare appearances on the top right corner – is known to appear solely, on the top left corner of the advertisement banner. Adobe’s banners always features catchy phrases that captures the reader’s attention and is retained by the reader long after he has seen the advertisement.

8. The Nissan Househunter



While you can reach a wide audience from cheap advertising banners, the most creative banners may not always be cheap. Nissan in partnership with Dubizzle, a house-hunting site automatically selected vehicles for persons based on their family size, neighborhood and budget.

7. Cadbury chocolate sculpture



Cadbury has over the past century had a mark for some of the best advertisement banners design of all time. However, it was on Facebook that they shone in all their glory. Cadbury in celebrating 1 million fans on Facebook constructed a giant chocolate thumbs up and the more fans liked their page the more chocolate got added to the statue. Needless to say, Cadbury’s fans on Facebook grew in folds with that simple gesture.

6. Amazon Prime


No company values the importance of A/B testing like Amazon. It is tough for a company with many products and services to comprehensively advertise all its products and not be a bore. Amazon has creatively done this through its Amazon Prime advertisement which simply summarizes all Amazon Prime does in under 15 words. Cheap advertisement banners like Amazon’s are the key to success.

5. Acura



Of the most amazing creative banners out there, few are as standout as the Acura advertisement banners design on Featuring in 2010, all the text existing on the in which all the text and images on the site morphed into an Acura.

4. Apple



Apple needed to get to its United Kingdom customers and a creative way to do so by producing some relatively cheap advertisement banners that outlined the superiority and edge Macs had over personal computers or PCs. Do we have to add, that the UK customers heard and responded. Despite certain minor setbacks presently being faced, this advertisement caught the attention of the UK audience and they responded – well.

3. Bing



Bing may not be the largest search engine in the world but its advertisement possesses 3 characteristics that makes it a good and creative advertisement banners design. First, their advertisements show pride – that the company is proud of what it does. Secondly, Bing creates emotion in its adverts. Something that is needed to move a mere reader to a customer. Lastly, Bing sells a promise. Any organization that puts such thought into advertisement banners design is on the right track to success.

2. Apple Music



Simplicity is key in advertisement. This is a point that Apple has been trying to prove over the past decade. When Apple Music was to launch it created such a huge buzz that it was unnecessary to have a complete outline of what Apple Music was capable of in its banner ads. Therefore a simple available now logo was all that sufficed in keeping customers happy.




Few companies have been able to get across a powerful message and gain the attention of millions of paying customers by a few words. Cisco, masters of their craft used a few cheap advertising banners with phrases like, “I am hacking your company,” to gain the attention of internet users.

These are the most creative advertisement banners out there. Feel free to like share or comment in the comments section below. We love reading from you.