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Top 10 Ways Aliens Can Get Found on Earth

 There have been rumors of aliens visiting Earth from another planet or body of the universe. While we may not know the origin of these species, the real question is usually, “how do aliens arrive on earth?” Travelling from one star to the next is anything but easy. The fastest rocket can take 73,000 years to journey from earth to the nearest star. So what are the best ways for aliens to get on earth? Take a look at these ten ways.



10. Einstein’s loophole



After a number of experiments and equations, Albert Einstein discovered that nothing could travel faster than light. He also said that the shortest distance between any two given distances is via a straight line joining them. Real aliens on earth proof have led other scientists to believe in the theory of a wormhole. This analogy resembles a hole poked between a folded sheet of paper. Aliens could be travelling here through such a wormhole therefore taking a shorter period of time than normal journey through straight lines.

9. Aliens may be living closer to home



Aliens on earth proof have also caused many scientists to believe that aliens are far advanced in the issues of technology. This advancement in technology allows them to travel faster through space. Apart from good tech, aliens may be living within our solar system so that coming here takes a shorter time. This too, is one of the best ways for aliens to get on earth.

8. Inter-dimensional beings



This is yet another famous theory concerning real aliens on earth proof. It speculates that aliens are some sort of beings from a totally different dimension. The famous UFO researcher Jacque Vallee brought forth this theory saying aliens tend to appear and disappear during abduction cases here on earth.

7. Aliens have always been with us



While we are busy looking for some of the best ways for aliens to get on earth, could it be that these foreign beings have been amongst us since forever? Aliens on earth proof have caused us to ask this question because once in a while, we hear reports of jets chasing after aliens only for them to disappear under water never to be seen again. There may be an undiscovered world here in our planet inhabited by aliens.

6. Better technology



As mentioned earlier, aliens have been rumored to have better tech than humans on earth. The fastest equipment here cannot travel faster than light. Real aliens on earth proof make us to believe the truth of this theory.

5. Hitched rides



Carl Sagan, a science writer advocated aliens could have travelled here via interstellar comets that orbit the sun from time to time. According to him, aliens hold on to these big balls of ice and rock as they move along towards earth. As expected, before they reach here to colonize earth, it will be another millions of years. This too adds on the list of the best ways for aliens to get on earth.

4. There is no distance between space and earth but rather time difference



Some people have speculated that space between galaxies doesn’t exist physically but rather based on time difference. If one needed to travel from space to earth, distance was not really at play but time instead. Since time could be speeded or dragged, aliens on earth proof have estimated that aliens have the power to come here anytime they please.

3. Aliens belonged to earth before we did



A few people have also pointed out another interesting theory based on real aliens on earth proof. They advocate that aliens were here long before we ever existed. They are hence from the future while we are the present owners of the planet.

2. Earth is linked to other domes


Aliens on earth proof speculate that our planet could be interlinked to a number of others inhabited by aliens. The link may be undiscovered by now using the technology we have. Aliens could be easily travelling through the domes as they desire, of course using their high tech travelling gadgets.

1. Black hole technology



This is without doubt the top entry on our list of best ways for aliens to get on earth. This theory states that aliens have been in the universe for a really long time that they have devised a way to create black holes and use them to get from one point to the other. These real aliens on earth proof almost come close to explaining this mysterious topic of aliens travel.

So there you have it- a detailed article based on aliens on earth proof. We hope one of these days the facts will be laid out bare for the world. As we wait for that moment, we will educate ourselves with the available theories. Well, thank you for staying with us to the end. Browse this website for more interesting reads.