Top Ten Ancient Secrets Of Improving Your Health

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Looking for ‘chemical-free’ and highly effective way to improve your health? Are you tired of buying these artificial cosmetics frolic on TV advertising? I announce today the top ten medicinal plants.
Medicinal plants act quite unlike allopathic medicines. And that’s quite normal because medicinal plants not consist of a single artificial ingredient but from a potpourri of natural ingredients, which is different for each medicinal plant. There are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and the very special phytochemicals. The latter are usually also responsible for the specific effect of the plant.


Below we present ten of the most powerful medicinal plants and their effects:

Milk thistle is a prickly, purple flowering plant that can be found wild along the way especially in warm regions. For Centuries the seeds of milk thistle containing the active ingredient silymarin, has being strengthen the liver. It therefore prevents damage incurred by overloading the liver (e.g., By poisoning or inflammation).
It has been demonstrated that the harmful potential of liver-damaging substances can be attenuated in the presence of milk thistle or even cancelled.

A very unassuming, but one of the most powerful medicinal plant is the common mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) a relative of wormwood. The mugwort is native to Central Europe, which is extremely convenient, it is almost freely available everywhere. The areas of mugwort are manifold. However, particularly effective it is in case of complaints of the digestive system and gynaecological problems.
So whether indigestion, flatulence, loss of appetite or gall bladder, the mugwort helps here as well as menstrual pain and cramps almost all kinds.


The seeds of the flea seed contain soluble fiber that can absorb significant amounts of water. The enormous swelling capacity of flea seed makes it a probaten and aids against constipation. The tract is increased by the psyllium, a stretch attraction is triggered and this then leads finally to defecation. The finer they are pulverized, the stronger the swelling capacity and their intestinal cleansing effect.
In connection with the intake of psyllium husks sufficient fluid intake of about 2.5 litters of still water a day is very important, because it can easily lead to constipation otherwise. Psyllium are at healing gums often used due to their high content in gastric ulcers and haemorrhoids.


Barnacles everyone knows, at least from childhood. Barnacles can be mostly found in the clothing or in the fur of animals. However, precisely this feature makes the burdock so valuable for our blood. There are not only the fruit, have the adhesive or binding capabilities. The roots of burdock according to folk medicine can bind but not wear. The toxins are flushed quickly from the body in this way. The burdock root acts also diuretic, so that the bound toxins cannot be excreted necessarily via the gut, but through the kidneys. The burdock also has antibacterial and antifungal (fungus enemy) properties, which is why it is also very much used for skin problems such as acne or oily extract scaly scalp. The main ingredients of burdock are inulin, mucus, essential oil, tannins, bitter substances, sitosterol, antibiotic and fungicidal substances.

The bearberry is a medicinal plant whose effect has long been known as a detoxifying and cures the kidney, but especially of the bladder and urinary tract. In addition, the leaves are used even with cough and chronic diarrhoea. The main ingredient is the arbutin. In addition, tannins, flavonoids and some essential oil are listed in the bearberry leaves.

It is native to the sarsaparilla in the Central American countries Guatemala, Honduras and San Salvador. The name or the appearance of the plant suggests their effects. Its root i helps for body pain for example against stabbing pains, and was used with these characteristics centuries ago by the Indians and Chinese as a painkiller. The sarsaparilla contains 1-3% steroidal saponins, phytosterols and strength. It has anti-inflammatory and cleaning properties. It also has an antioxidant effect.
The plant used to be considered excellent remedy for syphilis and thus supports the liver as the main detoxification organ, which can cause stinging pain in health problems.
The sarsaparilla can also be used with the Recovery of environmental toxins and help from naturopathic perspective in the treatment of Lyme disease and asthmatic symptoms and allergies.
The root of sarsaparilla should also stimulate the formation of white blood cells, especially the T lymphocytes and macrophages (phagocytes), which naturally improves the immunity of the body.
The blood-purifying effect of sarsaparilla is therefore helpful to alleviate skin problems of all kinds such as eczema, cradle cap, psoriasis, acne, boils and warts.


The dandelion is a slightly bitter-tasting herb with bitter substances, carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, vitamins, minerals, gums and (in the root) with inulin. The dandelion can alleviate symptoms such as headaches and fasting-effects of excessive alcohol consumption. It is also used for high blood pressure, cough, constipation, and a problem with the gallbladder. Even the dandelion stimulates the circulation. In this way it supports the removal of metabolic waste products that have embedded in the connective tissue and may contribute to diseases such as rheumatism and gout.
In addition, the dandelion has a diuretic effect, so it can also be helpful in case of problems with the urinary tract.
In general, the dandelion has a strengthening effect on people with weakened because it also stimulates the appetite and overall drive enhancing.


Who does not know the nettle? it spreads everywhere along the way and in the meadows and is generally regarded as weeds. However their numerous health effects cancel this plant growing out of the is applied to problems of the skin, muscles and joints Nettle helps namely in the elimination thereof.
Herbal books of the 16th century describe the plant mainly as a remedy for dropsy. And even the ancient Greeks and Hippocrates stressed especially the diuretic effects of this plant. The intense effect of the nettle is also used in homeopathy for skin rashes, minor burns and sunburn. As tincture, it is used by homeopaths for rheumatism and gout. Nettle is a very good vegetable source of iron, also contains a lot of chlorophyll and is for pregnant women to be recommended as a raw juice.

They act especially on the kidneys (promote renal perfusion and renal function) and the urinary tract. Birch leaves can be a tea or a fresh plant juice or taken in the form of tablets. The birch leaves can be applied in the Flushing of the urinary tract bacterial and inflammatory diseases that are associated with urination and painful can also be applied in kidney semolina.

The artichoke, which originally came from the Orient, is up to two meters high, thistle-like perennial. Their flower buds are eaten as a vegetable. They are rich in bitter substances (main active ingredient is the Cyanine), flavonoids, vitamins, minerals etc. The artichoke leaves are excellent at gallbladder and liver health. They promote bile flow and protect the liver and help her in the regeneration.
The pancreas is stimulated by the bitter constituents of artichoke leaves. They are blood fat and cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antioxidant.
In conclusion, the United States Environmental Protection Agency stated the many ailments that can be caused by indoor air pollution, chest congestion, wheezing, coughing, asthma, nausea, headache, lung disease and even cancer and it can affect children, the elderly and even unborn babies faster than others. This aliment can be cured faster if we adopt the ancient method of improving heath.