Humours Sign Boards

Top 10 Humours Sign Boards of the Time

Signs are supposed to provide us with guidance on what to do and what to avoid. However, some signs despite the serious intent that they have provided end up being hilarious. We have scouted
the internet and beyond for some of the most outrageously funny signboards. So from the funniest signs around the world, these are some of the most humours sign boards of the time.



10. EXIT and be forced to EXIT




There are weird signs and there are weirder ones. This is the weirdest there is. Few outrageously funny signboards could match this warning for persons intending to exit that they will be requested to exit should they decide to use a particular door. The author of one of the humours sign boards of the time should take an IQ test.

9. You read right, “Potty.”



What more could you desire from a vegan restaurant than to be able to make use of the potty, Totty? Well, if this sign – certainly one of the funniest signs around the world – is anything to go by, you might not make it home after the meal. Or maybe, the potty might just be referring to where you get to eat your food in.

8. Drunken people crossing




Let me honestly ask this: how notorious could an area be for drunks that they should be forced to have a sign dedicated to them. Definitely a contender for the humours sign boards of the time, few outrageously funny signboards could compare.

7. Heavy pedestrians here


How discriminatory could a sign be? Taking your mind away from what heavy pedestrian traffic should ordinarily be, this sign that happens to be picked as one of our funniest signs around the world, takes a cheap shot at the overweight, and potbellied. Funny, but sad.

6. How to feed children to a lion


For a better explanation of one of the humours sign boards of the time please follow this guide for each of the images. 1. Once you get the lions attention walk back slowly to where the food is. 2. Shout for the food. 3. Bring the food close, pick up the food without bending so you don’t get eaten instead and show the food to the lion. 4. Should you get attacked instead of the food fight back.

5. The town called Accident



The world is full of outrageously funny signboards. This town with its peculiar name is definitely no exception. What still baffles me about one of the funniest signs around the world, is the intent when naming. What could have pushed the founding fathers of this town to make the town Accident.

4. Beware of thieves



If a particular section of your road is a den for thieves and highway robbers, what better way could there have been to inform the uninformed road users who may unwittingly pick up one. This does not however, prevent it from being one of the outrageously funny signboards of all time.

3. Strange dogs and strangers are one



Never before have I seen strange dogs and strangers being put in the same category. Now let us face the hypothetical situation in which a dog may have been lost. Does the fact that the dog is unknown to passersby mean that the dog should be considered a stranger. I would however like to think that the warning is meant for the dog to avoid strangers. Because I doubt that such cuddly creatures could be viewed in such a mean light.

2. Do not ride headless horses


Either, this town is
extremely superstitious or that there is something that we do not know about. Wherever the headless horses are I do not care. Seriously speaking, I simply desire to know the location of this sign. I need to beware never to visit such a location.

1. Beware of the wild children


An important guideline for sign writers, make your instructions clear enough so the reader can understand what you are saying. And if we do not have a clear interpretation of what your saying, we can infer by interchanging words. In this case no amount of magic can give you a clear interpretation of what is being said.

Out of the multitude of funniest signs around the world, these are most humours sign boards of the time. Sometimes a minor dose of literacy is encouraged when composing signs like these. Might just save us all a bit of time.